Wilderness Survival

wilderness survival 365preppers.com Wilderness survival is among the top most important skill set you should be researching, and training for with your family. Wilderness survival consists of a wide range of valuable skills with endless uses. Each skill builds a foundation for the next, preparing your for a very wide range of situations. When learning wilderness survival skills, it’s more important to get the key fundamentals down. Learning the introductory steps, and then implementing them successfully. Make sure that you can reproduce good results on each attempt in a new skill. Once you are proficient, you can be assured your preparedness is headed in the right direction.

Wilderness Survival: Introduction

Wilderness survival is not something that you can learn overnight. You must learn and then implement the skills and techniques in the real world environment. When ever you fail, try new things and learn from your mistakes. Once you are able to utilize a skill multiple times over with small amounts of failure, you can move to the next skill. Work each new skill until you are comfortable enough that you could perform the task while under stress.


It is estimated that in extreme conditions, a person only has 3 hours of max survival without a basic form of shelter. One of the keys to wilderness survival is being able to construct primitive shelters that can sustain you from the weather, that you can build effectively within 3 hours time max. Learn the skills required for attaining shelter supplies, such as how to use a small saw, a hatchet, or an axe. Learn several methods of building primitive shelters, practice using different materials and in different climates. For example, You might build a snow cave in a winter blizzard. Maybe you will build a half lean too with a tarp, and the other half with a stick wall you built.


Water is the most vital resource you will need when surviving. Learning how to locate, harvest, and purify water for consumption is a root wilderness survival skill. Water can often be found around fresh green vegetation, depending on the climate you are located in, a stream is often your best chance at getting fresh clean water. Water can also be found in roots of plants, moss, and other green plantation. Learning different purification methods can also be helpful. It would be my hope that your circumstance allows for the use of water purifying tablets, or filtration systems. If you don’t have the means for this, you should also know how to boil water properly for use. If you would like to take it further and increase your chances of survival, learning what kind of plants in your area contain the best resource for clean, safe water can be of help.


It’s recommend that a person stranded in the wilderness have upwards of 3,000 calories a day, and should be consuming food up to four times a day. The extra energy is suppose to help compensate for the extra loss of energy from strain, stress, and excessive work while surviving in the wilderness. The problem comes when you either don’t have food, or don’t know how to gather food. Knowing what plants are safe to eat in your region is important. Other good skills to learn are fishing and animal trapping. When looking at long term survival, learning how to grow your own food will increase your chances. Planting, harvesting, and storing your grown food will provide a valuable, and renewable food resource. Learning skills that you can use in wilderness survival is important for you and your family. You can even make it something fun to teach to your children. Fishing and Trapping can be a fun and rewarding experience. Make your prepping fun, and remember to Prepare for it ALL!
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Jesse Jones is an Owner at 365preppers.com and has been writing website content for over 8 years. Over the last 3 years Jesse has become an avid survival/prepper educationalist.


Jesse Jones is an Owner at 365preppers.com and has been writing website content for over 8 years. Over the last 3 years Jesse has become an avid survival/prepper educationalist.

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