Why Should I Join A Seed Club?

365preppers why should I join a seed club I am not the kind of person who generally suggest that you sign up for monthly membership programs, as they tend to be costly and unnecessary. But today I bring you a find like never before! Not to long ago I wrote an article called Purchasing Your First Survival Seeds which gave reasons as to why you should have a seed storage plan as part of your daily prepping routine. I still encourage everyone to have at minimum a 50 variety survival seed pouch in every bug out bag you own. While doing my many hours of research to find the perfect seed company to purchase your backup survival seeds I came across a new program that I fell in love with. It was such a well valued product that I immediately placed my order. I found this company called Average Person Gardening, who grow Organic Heirloom Seeds and offer what they call Seeds Of The Month Club. When you sign up for this club, you will receive a staggering 8 packs of seeds for your first month, and 4 packs every month after. If you sign up for 2 years off to bat like we did, the price only comes to $2.66 per month. Thinking about that for a second. Every month you will be delivered 4 packs of 100% Organic Heirloom Seeds, after getting 8 on your first month. Now I am not just sending you off to order some random seed from a random seed company. I have several hours spent researching the company who produces these seeds. These are 100% Organic, Non-Gmo, Non-Hybrid, fully reproducible seeds. Buying these in the store can become pretty costly, and unless you do research your self, you will never know where your seeds came from. Mike The Gardener Enterprises is a certified Heirloom seed production company who’s entire focus is being entirely natural.

Why Should I Join A Seed Club?

As you know by now I am not a huge fan on spending money when I don’t have to. As part of being a prepper I do my best to spend money where it will count in the future.  So when I was looking for the best deals for my article about purchasing survival seeds, I was focused on finding a company that met my personal requirements. First off I didn’t want a hybrid seed. Yes they would yield more produce in a shorter time frame, but then my family has to eat those altered foods. Not to mention most varieties are altered to no longer produce seeds, Which eliminates to potential for re-plating. Secondly, I wanted to stay with a purely organic seed, as seeds from chemically treated plants transfer through the seed line. Ultimately however, I wanted to find a seed company that produced a heirloom variety with a traceable heritage. The Seeds Of The Month Club landed at my feet fairly early on while researching seed companies. But at the time I was not looking for a monthly seed membership as my article was focused on long term survival. Once the article was done, I came back and started looking further into this seed club. It didn’t take me long to decided to order. The price is perfect for the quality of seed they are offering, and each and every month you will have a few new varieties to add to your seed bank.

Is a Seed Club Better Than Buying Survival Seeds?

Depending on how you look at it, joining a seed club can be a good alternative to purchasing a prepackaged bulk of survival seeds. However, As we recommend in our original article, it’s good to have a prepackaged seed bank mainly because they have been packaged for long term shelf life. This is what makes them perfect for keeping one in the house, and in each bugout bag. When the food supply line stops, or when the store shelf’s are empty, having the ability to grow your own food just might save your life. We still recommend you buy at least a small survival seed kit, they really don’t cost a whole lot. Getting your self into the Seeds Of The Month Club has the advantage of being very affordable right off the bat. Not to mention each month you will get new varieties to sort in to your collection, and have some seeds to test and learn with. As your seed collections grows each month, you will feel more secure in knowing that when times got tough, you could grow your own food for you and your family to survive on.

What Do I Get With This Seed Club?

What really caught my attention about this seed club was the price, quality, and variety from their membership. Before I ordered (because I was really looking forward to ordering, but wanted to make sure on the product I was getting) I looked around to find reviews about their membership. I found a few articles written by other garden enthusiasts who had nothing but positive things to say. Further yet I noticed an article written by NBC about the founding company Mike The Gardener Enterprises, and found a very positive review about the company and it’s history. I was sold once I found some good credibility about the company. But what grabbed my attention in the first place? Why this seed club? With your Seeds Of The Month Club membership, you get more than just seeds.
  • Open pollinated heirloom variety seeds
  • 8 packs of seeds your first 1st month
  • 4 packs of seeds each month after
  • A 30 day money back guarantee
  • A 25% discount on their seed store
  • And Free Shipping!
Why Should I Join A Seed Club? It’s crazy cheep for what you get. 8 packs of similar quality seeds purchased in a store would run you the price of 6 months seed club membership. Your first order automatically makes it worth it! Then for each month 4 additional seed packs show up. If you find a seed you like, and want to order more directly from the source, you now have a discount code for 25% off. If you don’t like what you see from the first order too your door, just call them up and get all your money back, no problems at all. I personally see many benefits from being in a monthly seed club and look forward to getting my first order in. After these reviews I am getting excited. I am actually going to be trying these seeds out in a new indoor setup that I have planned for the front window of my house. I have also debated converting part of my front porch in to a green house, to give my self a little more growing space. I have room for a garden in my backyard, but the natural tree arrangement doesn’t allow for any one portion of my yard to get large amounts of sunlight. In the early morning, the front of my house gets a long burst of light until around 10am when the roof starts blocking the light. It would get about another 2 hours of indirect light. But still just an idea at this point. Are you or have you ever been in a seed club before? I am curious to find out what others think about the idea, and any experiences they have had with them. I was in a wine club for about two years, and although the price tag was a lot higher, I really enjoyed the chance of trying new flavors to go with my food. I am hoping to have a positive experience. I am confident in the hours spent in research that I will be getting a top quality product. Please post your comments below. Disclosure: The links in this article are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we will make a small amount of commission if you decided to purchase something. Although this is how we fund our website, and support our families, please do not spend any money on products we recommend unless it’s something you need or feel will help your family.

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