Survival Foods

MRE Brownie
Our MRE Brownies make for the perfect grab and go snack for any occasion. Whether you are a outdoor enthusiest, or just looking for an easy meal replacement snack, you will fall in love with these MRE brownies

Survival Equipment

Business Card Survival knife
Top Seller!
This small Business Card Survival knife is a must have for any prepper. Always have a knife on you no matter where you go! On sale now for a limited time.
Survival Knife with Sheath
This multi-purpose survival/hunting/camping knife is a very helpful tool to have on hand. Used by the 365preppers crew, this lightweight knife has been found effective for a secondary on arm or leg backup knife. Now on sale for a limited time!
Outdoor Mummy style Sleeping Bag
This sleeping bag has been tried and tested! This is the sleeping bag of choice for the 365preppers team! Don't spend hundreds of dollars on similar sleeping bags, buy now and save!

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