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The Plant Mobile Foodie Survival Kit now available

PLANT – Mobile Foodie Organic Kit

This very cool mobile Organic seasoning survival kit allows you to have your food seasonings on the go! – 100% certified organic – non GMO – non hybrid


Emergency Water Supply

Datrex Emergency Survival Water Pouch 64Pack

The best deal we have found here on these Datrex water pouches. We were paying up to $1.50 for just one of these. Get them here for only $0.34/each

water survival preparation water purifying tablets

AquaMira Military Water Purification Tablets – 50 Pack

We carry these water purification tablets in all of our packs. These are a must have item for every situation. Purify up to 50 Liters of water for a very fair price.

wilderness water survival LifeStraw personal water filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

We know you have seen these many times over before. But this truly is an irreplaceable item for every bag you own. It’s a reasonable price for the potential life saving benefits.


365preppers 50 variety organic non-gmo non-hybrid survival seed kid

50 Variety Organic – Non GMO – Non Hybrid – Emergancy Seeds

This seed pack comes with 50 seed Varieties perfect for  Small sized family sizes(1-2). – 100% Organic Heirloom Seeds – Non GMO – Non Hybrid

365preppers purchasing your first survival seeds

100 Variety Organic – Non GMO – Non Hybrid – Emergency Seeds

This seed pack comes with 100 seed Varieties perfect for  medium sized family sizes(2-3). – 100% Organic Heirloom Seeds – Non GMO – Non Hybrid

365preppers 125 variety organic heirloom survival seed bank emergency seeds

135 Variety Organic – Non GMO – Non Hybrid – Emergency Seeds

This seed pack comes with 35 seed Varieties perfect for Large sized family sizes(3-6). – 100% Organic Heirloom Seeds – Non GMO – Non Hybrid



bulk emergency tea candles long burn 7 hour candles

100 Long Burn 7 hour Emergency Tealight Candles – Unscented

Best price we have found for the quality! Great for your Emergency Heater – 7 hour burn time – Unscented – Made in the USA!

365preppers emergency tealight candles 6 hour candles

200 Long Burning 6 hour Tealight Candles

These don’t last as long, but you get more candles for your dollar – 6 hour burn time – Unscented – You get 200


365 preppers Zippo A-Frame Hand Warmer

Zippo A-Frame Hand Warmer

We found this cool little device made by Zippo. It’s not essential to survival but a very cool and affordable find! – Warms up to 12 hours on one filling – Low Oder – Includes hand-warmer, warmer bag, and filling cup

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