PLANT – Mobile Foodie Organic Survival Kit

The Plant Mobile Foodie Survival Kit now available

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by! Today we wanted to share with you, and review The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit, an awesome organic spice carrier for on the go!

While I was doing my usual web surfing of some favorite websites, I stumbled across this cool new mobile foodie survival kit and decided I just had to get one in my hands to see what all the ranting was about. After opening the tube and checking out my new item, I instantly fell in love!

The Plant Mobile Foodie: Mobile Foodie Organic Survival Kit

The mobile foodie by PLANT is a wonderful item for any prepper, survivalist, or regular campers.  It’s compact, lightweight and seems to be fairly sturdy and well made. I am looking forward to taking this mobile foodie with us on our next survival trip out in the back woods!

Here are some key features about The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit:

  • Small, Light Weight, and Fits in your pocket.
  • Carry 13 pre-organized seasonings and spices any Foodie must have.
  • Tight fit screw on containers are Moister and Humidity-Resistant
  • Plastic is 100% BPA free!
  • The tube holding your Mobile Foodie is made from post-consumer recycled materials.
  • All Herbs and Spices are fully certified Organic by the department of agriculture.
  • NON-GMO, NO Pesticides, No Irradiation, No Bio-engineering, no Antibiotics, just straight up delicious!

So there you have it, some straight to the point facts about this awesome mobile foodie survival kit. But wait, Aren’t you here for a review also?

The Mobile Foodie Organic Survival Kit Review

If you haven’t figured it out by now, one of my favorite things to do is to take some of the highest reviewed items I can find and figure out all the CONS! Not because I want to give items bad reviews, but because reviews are often padded and swayed to the side of the seller. I dislike this, and much rather try and break, destroy, ruin, or denounce faulty items. I mean we are survival preppers, we can’t have things going bad on us when we need them the most.

The funny thing is, I only have one negative thing to say about this item. But when you listen to the explanation afterward, you may soon realize it’s not really a con at all!



  • Light Weight (This thing hardly weighs anything!)
  • Durable (For a plastic container)
  • Well organized (well it’s entire purpose is organization)
  • You get all the main seasonings for any kind of foods!
  • Seasonings are all organic!
  • Seasonings are all delicious! (They taste very fresh!)
  • One less thing you have to consider when preparing for food!


As I mentioned previously I have really only one complaint about The Mobile Foodie Organic Survival Kit, and after you read what I follow it up with, you will think the con is silly!

My biggest pet-peve about this item is,  there is absolutely no labeling on the container it’s self. If you aren’t familiar with your spices, then don’t throw the tube away that it comes in. The individual containers do not list what is in side of them, making identification difficult for non spice gurus.

But after getting my item, looking it over, testing our the spices, and being completely happy with the product I had a thought pop into my head. Why would PLANT not label the individual contents? After a few moments of pondering I found a VERY good reason. What if a person decides one of the stock spices isn’t what they would want to store, rather what if a person wanted their favorite spice that may not be included? Hey look at that! I found a pro out of a con. You can easily replace any of these spices with one of your favorites that may not be included!


So after purchasing, receiving, opening, testing, testing, and testing again; The Mobile Foodie Organic Survival Kit has met my approval! I can’t do a good enough job explaining exactly how delicious and flavorful these spices are. I have bought many spices in my day, including cheap dollar tree spices, up too the very overpriced spices from whole foods! I will say this, this is not the cheapest way to get the spices you may love, but the entire bundle together makes it completely worth it!


Do you own a Mobile Foodie? Have you thought about buying one? Let know what you thought about the product and leave us a comment!

Thank for stopping by!


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Jesse Jones is an Owner at 365preppers.com and has been writing website content for over 8 years. Over the last 3 years Jesse has become an avid survival/prepper educationalist.


Jesse Jones is an Owner at 365preppers.com and has been writing website content for over 8 years. Over the last 3 years Jesse has become an avid survival/prepper educationalist.

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